Living Prayer Page

Vienna Community Church

We come together in prayer today for:

All those affected by the coronavirus, and the fear for health.

Those who work in health care, transportation industries, and in service roles at increased risk to themselves.

Those who are making difficult leadership decisions, that they may be made with wisdom and compassion.

From our Prayer Circle:

Cassandra:  “The kids are happy having both parents at home.  We realize how much it means to them having us here.
They are sleeping in, do their homework and get the best meals.  It is also ‘anstrengend’ (tiring, exhausting, strenuous?)” 
To Cassandra COVID-19 is now very close:  Her sister-in-law, a nurse in Pittsburgh, PA, is doing her will and is asking Cassandra, “will you take my kids?” in case something should happen to her.

Ardith wrote from the US: “Cassandra and Malia’s contribution (in the VCC online Sunday Service of 29 March) was so clever and put a smile on one’s face.”

Ngozi is grateful that she fully recovered from a mild cold which lasted for three weeks.  She works from home and prays that we experience God’s healing love at this time of uncertainty and sorrow caused by the global coronavirus.

Sita is grateful for life.  She is asking prayers for her grandson Brahm in hospital in Las Vegas with a broken thighbone.  

Noelanie wrote from South Africa: “Luckily the Lord kept all 3 of us safe, as we still don’t have any symptoms of the virus. So we are very thankful for that. Heinrich is now again not sleeping well at night, not sure why. We are still figuring him out, but he has a strong will and basically does things his way.”

Ranthy and Lahiru give praise for Ranthy’s father’s safe arrival in Vienna!  Thank you so much for all the prayers!
Ranthy and Lahiru are alright.  They have been on home office for 3 weeks with much work, since some people at work do not have the tools.  They do take walks around the block.  They request prayers for Ranthy’s father to be able to come to Vienna from Jakarta, Indonesia, via Doha with Qatar Airways on Thursday, 9 April.

Eeva and Jari praise God for feeling better.  They are thankful for all the prayers.  Heike, their friend in Vienna who helped them pack up quickly, is well!  

Kitty asks prayers for recovery at home for her friend Shawn, in Atlanta, Gerogia.

Bettina and Euripedes are both doing home office work and Isabella is on home schooling.   It is not easy to balance work, household, cooking, all. “Anstrengend” (tiring, exhausting).  Thank God there is the park nearby to walk around and take fresh air.  They feel thankful, that there is food, electricity, water.  Euripedes is offering his help with food distribution, etc. … if there is a need we know of.

Ruth is working from home.  On Sunday, she celebrated an Eritrean coffee ceremony with popcorn wishing she could share it.

Louise und Heinz are preparing for a Centipede trip to Romania in May, not knowing if it will be possible to go then.

Louise received a note from Helen and Jack H. who send their greetings to all here.  They are well and staying at home to stay that way.  Corona has hit Washington State hard.      

Ronan and Dorina:  are doing fine, working mostly from home, walking and shopping.  Ronan says it has been great to stay in touch with his children with the new media.  He calls his Mom frequently, especially since she cannot get out.  
He is asking for prayers for strength for Miguel-Angel in Spain who tested CV19 positive a week ago and is on a respirator. And for his aunt Mimi who is in a retirement house at a time of high risk of contamination.

Please pray for E. to feel better and better – and to be able to stay at her apartment and not to have to move out!

Pray for H.  to feel positive, not to worry about her son getting infected.

Pray for Mary to get rid of her cough which has been keeping her in for sooooo long. For her niece who is getting married in Scotland and so many had to cancel their coming!

With sadness I received an email from Hilda, who just celebrated her birthday.  She wrote that her wonderful grandson Robin, only 10 years old, died and was buried on 21 February.  She asked for prayers for her daughter, his mom Alison, and the siblings, Sidney and Shelley!  

Alex asked for prayers to remember all who are helping us, for people who are stuck away from their home countries, for refugees stuck in no man’s land, for hungry people, for thoughtful people.

Miriam and Serena: Pray that everything will be over soon.

Sheila and George: “We feel so blessed that we had that little window for the retreat.”
Sheila would like a prayer to go out for workers serving in health care, shops, …who are at risk.   They work long hours to the point of exhaustion.  “The meek shall inherit the earth.”  We can all help with moral support, caring.

Sonja ask that we pray for South Africa that’s also now in lock down, especially for all our friends and family living there.

Vic is well.  He has been so happy for calls from our VCCers!
“You know I miss so much going to the office, my events and all my good friends, most of all at the VCC.
Greetings to all my friends at the VCC.  I am hoping and praying that we will meet again.  Each and everybody is always welcome to give me a phone call.
By the way this is a splendid idea. At 6 pm daily, opening the window and clapping for all the many people who are there for us , supermarkets, police officers , doctors , the staff in the hospitals . etc.”

Nita and Erich  Erich he is not able to walk well – injured spine from sports in his life.   Nita works in the garden and on the terrace.  Nita is thankful when people get through their days.

Rosalind and Christoph:  On Rosalind’s birthday family came over on their bikes and talked in the yard over the phone.  Rosalind and Christoph are well, go for walks with their daughter’s dog in the vineyards of Baden.   They feel so blessed.  Prayers for people who are sick.

They are in touch with Karin and Karl who live partly in South Africa and come to the VCC whenever they are in Austria.

Susan has returned from Kenya a week ago and all is well.  “With God’s grace we manage the new situation.”  Her prayer request is for God to have mercy on us, the whole world, and to forgive us if we have fallen short of his glory. 

Svetlana for healing.

Maurine requests prayers for good recovery.

Linda is asking for prayers for everyone who is getting ill.  She is also asking for prayers for all gardeners and farmers growing flowers who have to destroy their flowers and plants as the coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible to sell.

Eeva and Jari in Finland ask for prayers for their friend Heike in Vienna.

Ardith is so grateful for The Voice with the Retreat photos to recapture the feelings. 

Cintia and Rick are praying for the whole world.  They pray for peace for workers.

Maria is praying that the world goes through these trying times well.

Tertia is praying for health for friends.

Noelanie and Reinier, in South Africa, ask prayers for health protection. South Africa will go in lockdown from Friday for 3 weeks.
“Please also pray for our country in this difficult time, as the country is currently already in a recession.”

Jolene and Ashley ask for prayers for families in South Africa, where cases of the coronavirus are increasing.

Eudora is praying that the Lord bless us all together.  

Karin would like prayers for her home town New York City.

Edson is encouraging, “Please let us know if people in our VCC need help.”

Sandra and her mother in the decision to stay in South Africa or come to Vienna.

Masa says, If we can do anything for anyone please let us know.

Becky, Sefa and Tesen: Trust in God.  Thank God for email / Internet/ phones.

Lizia:  Requests prayer for the poor people in poor areas of Brazil who are at risk.

Feel free to add your prayers, and to use this to inform your own prayer life during the week.

If you offer prayers for another person, please ask their permission first. Otherwise, a simple prayer such as “We offer prayers for H, who broke her foot this week. Heal her and keep her cheerful and patient. And keep her husband, N, from going crazy, too.” is sufficient. God knows.