Worship volunteers

For Sunday worship, we are looking for contributors who are willing to create content:

  • Reading of Sunday Scriptures
  • Leading a hymn
  • Joining a virtual choir
  • Creating or finding graphics, devotional material, or other resources

If you are willing to provide any of these, send an email to pastor@viennacommunitychurch.com.

This Sunday’s scripture readings:

Virtual Choir

What could go wrong?

Okay, this is historically cutting-edge. But I think we can try. What we will do is try to create separate tracks (yes, that’s you, singing in your car or your shower — NO VIDEO, PLEASE!

Send them to the pastor. He will trust the friendly computers to blend these together. What could go wrong?

  1. Watch this space to find a base track, either a MIDI or mp3 file. Download it to your favourite sing-along device.
  2. Record yourself singing along. Harmonize. Scat. But stick to the metre, if at all possible.
  3. Feel free to record multiple tracks. Send the best, or send the best three. Some will be ruthlessly discarded. One may enter the hallowed file of the “Virtual Vienna Community Church Choir” (VVCCC+).
  4. If you’re good, creative, or just bored. consider adding another one of your voices. Just record a different version, singing a different line. You might be given TWO solo spots!
  5. Yes, I know the many ways this won’t work. But … we might create something wonderful!