24th August 2019


MARCH 2019


We are those valiant women,
giving leadership in our homes,
contributing to our community,
working for change at all levels of society,
crying for justice and mercy,
living the Gospel,
understanding theology,
practicing our faith,
remaining true to the Word

Cathy O'Keefe from Valiant Women


What's in the March 2019 Edition?

 February Highlights in Pictures

What's Coming Up? in March

Celebrating Women:

Writer Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

Film: Hidden Figures

Save the Date for Guest Speaker

Archbishop Dr. Michael Bunker

Moderator's Message -

Remembering Anne Peschek


Capturing the Moment


February Highlights

Baptism of the the  youngest addition to the Francisco family, Elisha

New members, Jocelyn & Ashley Collins with their little angel, Anna.

Zelotes Tolliver, Baritone. Zelotes was a VCC member during the mid-1980's. He is currently performing in Show Boat in Baden near Vienna until 30 March.

Photos: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann & Mickela Moore

For February Highlights in Pictures, follow this link:

 Photos: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann,Mickela Moore & Casey John


Faith, Fellowship & Music


Sunday School

Sunday School and nursery care follows the Children's Sermon every Sunday, except Communion Sunday.If you are a parent and would like to volunteer, or have any questions about teaching the Sunday School or assisting with the nursery care, please contact the Christian Education Chair, Linda Bednar:


Daily Devotion Link


Prayer Group


For where two or three gathered in my name, there am I with them” 

Our Prayer Group has started as we seek God’s vision, guidance and will for our church and also to become more dependent on Him in our individual and family lives, respectively. We would like to keep in our prayers those who are sick, suffering, hospitalized or have spiritual needs and requests for God. See What's Coming Up below for the next gathering. Please contact the Prayer Group for further information. We are very much looking forward to having you with us.

Pastor Gábor


The Adult Bible Study meets on the last Monday of each month at 7pm. The current theme is on the Parables of Jesus. For more details, see "What's Coming Up" below.


Bible+ is usually held on the first Monday of every month and explores themes of Chrisitianity and how it impacts and relates to Christians living in contemporary times. The Host is Dr. David Nolland.


Film Night is held every month under the auspices of the VCC Circle of Music, Art & Film, hosted by VCC members Maurine Mellinger and Mickela Moore. Film Night features entertainting, as well as arthouse and thought-provoking films. For details on our next film starting in the Autumn, see What's Coming Up?

If you are a film buff and would like to help out, please contact Mickela or Maurine.

Click on link below for our 2018-2019 Film Night schedule:


VCC College & Career Group

The  College & Career Group meets up at the VCC Meeting Point every Thursday evening at 7PM. Join us for dinner and Bible study - free from formality. Fun, discussions and fellowship!

You can contact either one or both of the Hosts: Francesca or Reinier & Noelanie for more details.


Women's Ministry

Ladies Morning Bible Study Group

Tertia Behr is the host. It is a practical and interactive Bible study.  

There is special event on the 12th March (see below).

Over the next few weeks we are discussing the following topics:

• Emotions  and especially unresolved anger - emotions in the Bible

• Forgiveness 

 In May we are starting a Bible study on The Fruits of the Spirit.

Day : Tuesdays

Time : 10:00-11:30 

Venue: VCC Meeting Point

Aim: Practical, interactive Bible study.

Contact: or on Whatsapp +27835568781 or 0660 798 7868

Looking forward to this joint adventure of exploring God’s Word in a new and fresh way!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10


Ladies Who Lunch

Welcome to our lunches on the last Friday of each month!

Should you wish to be on the mailing list please let me know on: or 0680 2120 896. Don't forget to give me your details so that you can be easily contacted!

As you all know we need our generous hosts each month so maybe you could consider signing up with me and share a month this  year?

Best wishes to you all.

Nita Schimscha; Co-ordinator


Please check What's Coming Up or the VCC website? for more details.   


Praise Band

VCC's PRAISE BAND ministry is to expand our already existing wonderful and outstanding church choir and music with music that speaks to younger generations. Psalm 96:1 commands us: Sing to the Lord a new song;sing to the Lord, all the earth. If this is your calling at the VCC, then please contact Pastor Gábor or Praise Band Director, Chanda Rule-Bernroider!  

Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann


VCC Choir

VCC Choir Sings

The VCC Choir which rehearses every Sunday in the choir loft starting from 11:15. If you would like to join the VCC Choir or know of a musician or singer who would like to guest with us, please contact our Choir Director, Cassandra McConnell. 




There are 2 activities taking place at the Meeting Point commemorating International Women's Day which is celebrated on 8 March.

Ladies' Bible Study featuring writer Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

Film Night: Hidden Figures

Please support these activities and bring friends along. Further details are found below.


Prayer Group

The Prayer Group has chosen a topic for each day's prayer as follows:

Monday:      Pastor
Tuesday:     Leadership
Wednesday: Membership
Thursday:    Music and Choir/Band
Friday:        Church Programs
Saturday:    Outreach
Sunday:      International - those who are persecuted

The next monthly Prayer Group takes place on 3 March at the VCC Meeting Point at 2PM/14:00. In the intervening time, all requests and communication should be sent to:




The next Bible+ will take place on Monday, 18th March. The topic will be Christianity in Early Renaissance Italy.


Ladies' Morning

Bible Study

The Ladies' Morning Bible Study meets every Tuesday from 10-11:30 AM at the VCC  Meeting Point.

The current Bible Study topics:

• Emotions and especially unresolved anger - emotions in the Bible.

• Forgiveness

• Guest: Writer Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner (See Flyer below)

 Coming up in May: The Fruits of the Spirit



College & Career Group

The weekly Thursday meetings of the College & Career Group alternate between Bible Study and a relaxed meal together or other planned activity.

Photos: Courtesy of Katrin Karshat


CMAF Film Night 



Adult Bible Study

There will be no Adult Bible Study in the month of December. The next Adult Bible Study will be on Monday, 26 March, Adult Bible Study with Pastor Gábor will continue his exploration of the Parables of JesusIt is a combination of historical background, translation curiosities, commentaries, handouts, real life examples and daily applications in the context of dialogue.  


Ladies Who Lunch 

 SAVE THE DATE! The last  Friday of each month.

The next luncheon meeting will be held on Friday, 29 March.  

Look for details in the Sunday Bulletin and/or on the VCC website.


Anne Peschek's Memorial Service

Anne's Memorial Service will take place on Friday, 8 March in the VCC sanctuary starting at 18:00.


Archbishop Dr. Michael Bunker to speak at the Meeeting Point on Tuesday, 9 April at Bible+

Archbischop Dr. Michael Bunker will be a Guest Speaker at the April Bible+, which will take place on Tuesday, 9 April. More details to follow.


VCC News & More



New Members Sunday -  24 February 2019

Jolene and Ashley Jacques COLLINS and their baby daughter Anna Amalia COLLINS

Jolene and Ashley are from a small fishing village called Mamre (former mission station), situated on the west coast of South Africa. It is about 50km north of Cape Town.  The Mamre Moravian Church congregation commemorated and celebrated 200 years of existence in 2018. They moved to Vienna in June 2018 when Ashley was offered a job with the United Nations.  Their first baby, Anna, was born a month thereafter.

They shared:  “We as the Collins family have visited the VCC for quite some time now and we feel that this has become our new place of worship. The sermons, the music and the great fellowship really touched our hearts since the first time we visited the congregation. We therefore would like to become members of the VCC family.

Sita Weinrich, Membership Chair

Blanketing Jolene, baby Anna and Ashley: Pastor Gabor; from left: David Corcoran, Music Chair; Bernhard Bair, Stewardship & Fellowship Chair; Sita Weinrich, Membership Chair; Ngozi Okpalaugo, Clerk; Mickela Moore, Moderator; Cintia Sue, Worshp Chair; Katrin Karshat, Charity & Missions Chair; David Nolland, Vice Moderator; and Euripedes Ribeiro, Property Chair.

Photo: Courtesy of Casey John


Show Your Appreciation!

If you appreciate someone who has done something special for you or the VCC, or touched you in some way, please take the time to say THANK YOU!

Thanks to the wonderful VCC Board for its continued commitment and hardwork.


VCC Board 


Moderator's Message


Dear VCC Members, Friends, Associates, Regular Visitors,

Many of you may have heard that Anne Peschek recently passed away. Anne has been a VCC member for probably over 50 years, so has seen her share of the ups and downs over our 62 year old existence and met many people attending our Church.

Anne was many things: a singer, mother, wife, choir member, Choir Director, ensemble and quartet leader, fundraiser and a very loyal VCC member, serving our Church unconditionally with her time, talent and resources. She regaled me with stories of recording concerts on cassetts and CD's and selling them to raise money for the VCC. Anne also organised and performed concerts at her home and she had a wonderful collection of antique musical instruments and other art.

For the occasion of VCC's 30th anniversary in 1987, Anne established The Rothgeb Memorial Grant to recognise outstanding musical contributions that support VCC’s long standing reputation for the high quality of its music program, and enable a study project for the selected VCC musicians. To-date, thirty seven musicians have received this award, include our current VCC Choir Director, Cassandra McConnell and Organist, accompanist and tenor, Tomasz Pietak. Miriam Linkimer, a current VCC choir member, was to receive this Award on Palm Sunday.

Anne was active almost to the very end, and a day before she passed away, she was contemplating attending a choir practise at the Meeting Point.

I will miss speaking with her because she really cared about how those around her were doing and about the VCC, which she considered as her only spiritual home.

While we grieve Anne's loss, let us remember that her music lives on. Let's celebrate her life and remember the beauty that she brought into this world. Not many can leave any kind of a lasting legacy. Anne was a special woman and I will remember her with fondness and love.

May she rest in eternal peace! 

Mickela Moore, Moderator

Photo taken at a House Concert in 2018 featuring Anne's Ensember - David's Daughters - in which Anne, her daughter Martina, and friend Charlotte Lowery-May, sang ancient sacred music and performed on antique instruments that might have been played during King David's reign. 


VCC Board & Fellowship Coordinator


To get to know the VCC Board, and Fellowship Coordinators a bit better, follow this link:





We hold many fellowship events at the Meeting Point. I would like to thank all of you who donate snacks and drinks to the Meeting Point. We are always in need of toilet paper, paper towels, and beverages (juice and water). Your donations are appreciated.

Euripides Ribeiro, Property Chair

Organising Meetings or Events

VCC has an attractive and functional location to organise meetings and events. If you would like to organise a meeting or fellowshop event in the VCC Meeting Point for a one off or a regular event, such as an exhibition, jewellry show, exercise class, or rent it for a personal event, for example, a birthday party, meeting, etc... please contact me on:  You can pick up brochures with rental information at the VCC Meeting Point.  

Euripides Ribeiro, Property Chair


Letter from the Alumni Coordinator of the Vienna Community Church (VCC)

I would like to introduce myself to you:  My name is Sita Weinrich, and I am the VCC Membership Committee Chair and now also Alumni Coordinator of the VCC.  My role as Alumni Coordinator is to strengthen the relationship between VCC and its alumni members.

I cordially invite VCC alumni members to continue sharing information after they have left Vienna about the impact the VCC has had on their lives, either by writing to me, or the Editor of the VCC Voice (this is the monthly online VCC  newsletter), or to the AFCU Bridge.

In turn, I will keep VCC alumni directly  informed of VCC activities through the VOICE and AFCU Bridge.  I would welcome any suggestions from you as to what you would love to read about!

Sending you many greetings from Vienna,


Sita, Membership Chair and Alumni Co-ordinator


Happy Birthday & Blessings to the

March Born! 

Happy Birthday


 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

Jeramiah 29:11


Speedy Recovery

For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds," says the Lord.

 (Jeremiah 30:17)


Pray for all those in our congregation, their family members and friends

who are in need of God's healing. 



Pray for those members who have lost beloved family or friends in the past year. 


Become Part of the VCC Family!


Are you Interested in becoming a part of our ecumenical, international, inter-denominational, VCC family? For more information, please contact the Membership Chair, Sita Weinrich, on:


Austro-American Society Events

Please check the programme by following this link:


Urban Living


Out and About 

Winter ice-skating at the Rathausplatz until March

Photos: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann 

Leopoldsberg Church Gate

Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann

Sunset in Kahlenberg

Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann

Waldseilpark Kahlenberg

Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Zimmermann


Supporting the VCC

The VCC has been a self-funded Church since its founding in 1957.  All donations help support our ministry and we thank you for each one. You can contribute to the General Fund or the Capital Fund that will assist in paying off the loans to purchase the VCC Meeting Point.

To make a bank transfer:

IBAN: AT 082 011 128 753 849 700  BIC: GIBAATWWXXX

US Taxpayers may make a tax deductible donation to the VCC by either writing a check out to the American & Foreign Christian Union (AFCU) with VCC General Fund or VCC Capital Funding Appeal on the Memo line and place it in the offering basket, or alternatively, write the check to the AFCU and send to the AFCU Treasurer, 2885 Sanford Ave, SW #29934, Grandville, MI 49418, U.S.A.. You can also make a donation over the AFCU online platform.


Submissions & Editorial Guidelines 



We would like our readers to look forward to reading the VCC Voice every month and to feel informed and enlightened.  If you have any comments or something special that you would like to share, please send your submission to:

Deadline: 25th of every month, together with your contact details in case we have to clarify something with you. Font size should be Arial 12 point. Photos should be preferably landscape and sized to 680 x 360.  Please provide a descriptive  title for the photographs, including name(s), occasion and date. 


If you are a registered subscriber and are not receiving The Voice, please check your Spam and email settings.

In the interest of preventing Spam emails, the Voice Editor will periodically delete email addresses that appear to be Spam. If you suddenly do not receive The Voice, please send an email to:  I apologise in advance for the temporary inconvenience this may cause.