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You can shop for Goods & Services in WHAT’S ON OFFER or for VCC branded goods in our SPREADSHIRT shop. All purchases in What’s On Offer or Spreadshirt will go either 100% or partially to the VCC General Fund!

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Products featured in the VCC Webshop come from many sources: individuals, artists, gallerists, members.  For the inauguration of the VCC Webshop, featured are Japanese woodblock prints. Japanese woodblock printing has more than 300 years of tradition in Japan and it stems from the old Chinese tradition. The HANGA ( Japanese: moku hanga- woodblock printing) artists beautifully combine traditional techniques with contemporary motifs. To depict a picture, the artists use elaborate techniques to carve the design in wood, metal, stone plate or stencil a silk screen.

  To the left is a painting by Japanese artist, Ikkou Ohtsu, entitled Autumn Stone Garden in Ninna-ji Temple, Kyoto offered by Margaret Furuta of M & N Home Furnishing. 

Prices of all prints include the frame.

Regularly check WHAT’S ON OFFER, as we will always be adding more goods in our four categories – Art, Books, Home Accessories and Services.

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