Welcome to VCC

Guidelines for our Sunday Services – Taking care of one another

We look forward to welcoming you at our Sunday service, either in person, or online, beginning at 12 noon!  This Sunday in Worship

Our church is at Dorotheergasse 16, 1010 Vienna, a few steps from Stephansplatz.

Please note that the VCC has to adapt to the new normal brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. We will be trying out different formats over the next weeks so that the spiritual element of our worship experience is meaningful for those taking part in the services, or listening to the recording or joining by live broadcast, if that is possible, check your email for the latest VCC Voice, which contains the Meeting ID and password. If you are not on the VCC Voice mailing list or  do not receive the VCC Voice, please send a request to info@viennacommunitychurch.com to “attend” the weekly live VCC Sunday Services, and for those attending in person, please review the guidelines that can be found below.

We hope to be able to welcome you in Christian fellowship!

Bulletin for 25 October Service.

Previous bulletins can be found here.

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Visit  our “Living Prayer Page” and add your own prayers to the page and see what happens.

Our goals: We will stay linked to each other!

Our Prayer Circle was talking about ways to reach out to people; this might be a good time to initiate a phone network. I’d be happy to hear any suggestions; whether each person commits to calling the next person on the chain during the week, or we have prayer partners, or a few volunteers commit to calling 5-6 people during the week. These would be “Holy conversations” asking if there are concerns to be added to the prayers, checking on any health or other concerns, and ensuring that people know what we are doing and how we are doing it. 

We will continue to pray, to worship, and to be Christ’s people.

It is a challenge to remain as a community, and not to be able draw strength and comfort from gathering together, especially to receive the sacraments. But we continue to be disciples, and we will find ways to grow and deepen our faith. 

We will not be afraid.

But we will take care of one another, and we will worship God.

In this time of necessary physical distancing, please remember that the VCC still needs your financial stewardship to continue functioning. Please DONATE ONLINE via internet banking to sustain our community through this challenging time.

Pastor Neil and the VCC Board