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Capturing the Moment


Representing Canada: Guest Pastor Rev. Dr. Neil Parker with visitors Jake and Christine Van Dyk, former VCC members.



Alter flowers, given by Nicole & Tony Wrixon.


Visitors from the U.S.A.

Marc & Karen Voth (middle) with son Jon and daughter-in-law Jill (their longtime friend Rainer Zimmermann on the right).

VCC Harvest Festival. Donations will be brought to ‘Haus St. Josef’, a shelter for homeless people in Vienna.

Hikari School of Music, Kenton College Nairobi brings wonderful music to the VCC.

20 pupils 11-13 years old sang for our church on their tour across Austria.



 Perchtoldsdorf, in the south of Vienna 

Guest Pastor Neil Parker during ‘Time with the Children’.

As Pastor Neil was preaching, Yoel Bobadilla painted the situation of Jacob in the Bible (Genesis 32: 22-31 - NIV). Yoel is from the Dominican Republic, he is studying at EMU University Virginia and is touring across Europe.

US Visitors from Montana, Rev. Don Hamilton (Pastor at Roberts United Methodist Church) and his wife Nancy.

They are visiting Vienna on a private river tour across Europe (from Budapest to Amsterdam).

Marvelous view from the outskirts of Vienna (Schloss Wilhelminenberg) looking over the city. 

The colours of Fall in Vienna. Are they the same where you are?

One of the beautiful things about the VCC Choir is that is changes every week. One voice many people. 

During worship Lara Lubienski performed a beautiful piece for us.

The beautiful flowers were donated by Maria Ciliberti and Dale Atwell.

VCC Tour to the “Kirche am Steinhof” church, led by Rainer Zimmermann on Sunday, 27 October 2019 (after the service). We left from VCC and went to the Otto-Wagner-Spital by subway and bus.

The first Art Nouveau Church of Vienna, a very special and beautiful church.

Some of our group on the tour.

After the church visit we had a good late lunch at the Greek restaurant ‘Retsina’ at Linzer Strasse 237a – the murals looked very authentic as if we were in Greece

Euripides and Bettina – regular visitors of Rainer’s tours for VCC. Cheers!

Welcome to the world, Baby Heinrich! 

Reinier and Noelanie Coetzer, proud parents of Baby Heinrich. 

All photos are from our very talented Rainer Zimmermann,

many thanks for your contributions!


Get Involved

Daily Devotion

Sunday School

Mark your calendar for this year's Christmas pageant: 

15 December /noon service.

The Sunday school will perform a very special Christmas pageant. All children are welcome to take part!

Parents, please consider volunteering in the Sunday school we need your help! 

Contact the Christian Education Chair, Edson Dorneles for information.

For where two or three gathered in my name, there am I with them” 

Our Prayer Circle seeks God’s vision, guidance and will for our church and also to become more dependent on Him in our individual and family lives, respectively. We would like to keep in our prayers those who are sick, suffering, hospitalized or have spiritual needs and requests for God.

The Prayer Circle  has chosen a topic for each day's prayer as follows:


Monday:         Pastor

Tuesday:         Leadership and all those who serve VCC faithfully

Wednesday:    Membership

Thursday:       Music and Choir

Friday:            Church Programs

Saturday:        Outreach

Sunday:          International - those who are persecuted

Sita Weinrich is coordinating the Prayer Circle until Eeva Vähäsarja returns in the Autumn.  In the intervening time, all requests and communication should be sent to:


The  College & Career Group meets up at the VCC Meeting Point every Thursday evening at 7PM. The weekly Thursday meetings of the College & Career Group alternate between Bible Study and a relaxed meal together or other planned activity.

Join us for dinner and Bible study - free from formality. Fun, discussions and fellowship!

The C&C will be hosting a Welcome Back dinner. If you are interested in the C&C or would like to attend the Welcome Back dinner, please contact Alice Wanner.

Tertia Behr is the host of this practical and interactive Bible study.  

Day: Tuesday November 5, 2019

Time : 10:00-11:30 

Venue: VCC Meeting Point

Aim: Practical, interactive Bible study.

Contact: or on Whatsapp +27835568781 or 0660 798 7868

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

Welcome to our lunches on the last Friday of each month! For your calendar, upcoming lunch is: November 29.

Should you wish to be on the mailing list please let me know: or 0680 2120 896. Don't forget to give me your details so that you can be easily contacted!

As you all know we need our generous hosts each month so maybe you could consider signing up with me and share a month this  year?

Best wishes to you all.

Nita Schimscha; Co-ordinator


Please check  the VCC website and/or Bulletin for more details or contact Nita Schimscha.   

VCC Choir Sings

The VCC Choir which rehearses every Sunday in the choir loft starting from 11:15.

If you would like to join the VCC Choir or know of a musician or singer who would like to guest with us, please contact our Choir Director, Cassandra McConnell.




Unfilled positions: Property, Stewardship & Finance. If you feel called to serve in any of these positions, please contact Mickela on


Many thanks to all those who participated in the VCC Harvest Festival which benefited ‘Haus St. Josef’, a shelter for homeless people in Vienna. Your generous contributions were impactful to those in need. 

With our gratitude,

The VCC Board


Become Part of the VCC Family!


Are you interested in becoming a part of our ecumenical, international, inter-denominational, VCC family? For more information, please contact the Membership Chair, Sita Weinrich:



VCC Events


Events by the Austro-American Society


Pastor’s Thoughts

Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down,

that the mountains would tremble before you!

Isaiah 64:1, New International Version

I have been doing a lot of walking these days, exploring my local area, the city, and taking advantage of some free time. I was walking through my neighbourhood, a couple of weeks ago, after one of our infrequent rains, and I was watching a mother and her young child ahead of me. As often happens, the toddler stopped and was staring into a puddle. Mom walked ahead a few steps, and then turned, and impatiently called for the child to come and catch up.

And the little girl replied, “Aber, die Regenbögen!” Of course, Mom wasn’t having any of that, and hurried her little one onwards. So, I went over to see what the little girl had been looking at. And, sure enough, the rainwater had washed engine oil into the puddle, where it floated on top in lovely swirls, breaking up the sunlight into miniature multicoloured rainbows.

Now, I confess I would like God to be revealed in heaven-splitting wonder, just when I need God’s presence in my life. I don’t want to risk missing the in-breaking of the divine into my life. I want the heavens ripped apart. I want more than dirty puddles. But … that’s not generally how God enters our lives.

Moses had to leave the settled path to look at a bush that was quietly burning on the sidelines. Elijah didn’t hear God in the earthquake, the fire, the storm; but rather in the still, small voice. Jesus told his disciples to pay attention to the grass of the field and the little birds. God is always appearing on the sidelines – and it is up to us to look for God there.

So, I suggest to myself (and to you, my brothers and sisters) to slow down and look in puddles more often. To cultivate the nearby God-infused wonder of creation. To watch for God’s presence in the grace of those around you, at work, or school, or at the bus-stop. Because God (if God is, and God is, everywhere) is all around you. The very puddles are filled with rainbows, to the greater glory of God.

“The answer must be, I think, that beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there.”

Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Rev. Dr. Neil Parker


Supporting the VCC

The VCC has been a self-funded Church since its founding in 1957.  All donations help support our ministry and we thank you for each one. You can contribute to the General Fund or the Capital Fund that will assist in paying off the loans to purchase the VCC Meeting Point.

To make a bank transfer:

IBAN: AT 082 011 128 753 849 700  BIC: GIBAATWWXXX

US Taxpayers may make a tax-deductible donation to the VCC by either writing a check out to the American & Foreign Christian Union (AFCU) with VCC General Fund or VCC Capital Funding Appeal on the Memo line and place it in the offering basket, or alternatively, write the check to the AFCU and send to the AFCU Treasurer, 2885 Sanford Ave, SW #29934, Grandville, MI 49418, U.S.A.. You can also make a donation over the AFCU online platform.


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