• Bible+ Club

    MARCH PROGRAMME The Beatitudes – Count Our Blessings Host: Dr. David Nolland Jesus makes the radical, counterintuitive suggestion that the true possessors of happiness are the poor and […]

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  • Bible+ Club

    March Programme Church Health Host: Dr. David Nolland Guest Speaker: Dr. Gábor Lassu Church Health is not advanced church management! Traditions, finances, programs, personalities and events can each be a controlling […]

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  • Prayer Group

    The Prayer Group will meet monthly at the VCC Meeting Point on Sunday, 4 June at 2PM/14:00.  If you would like to join, please contact Pastor Gabor

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  • Let’s Do Lunch

    Eileen Holzleitner has very kindly offered to host us at the Brandauer eating place within Gerngross on the Mariahilferstrasse. Time:12.30 pm Transport: U3 Ottakring to Neubaugasse/Stiftgasse exit Please […]

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  • Praise Band

    Rehearsal for the Praise Band will follow the 26 February Sunday Service in the Sanctuary. For more information, contact Pastor Gabor.

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  • College & Career Club

    The  College & Career Group meets up at the VCC Meeting Point every Wednesday evening at 7PM. Join us for dinner and Bible study – free from formality. […]

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    The VCC Board will be meeting for an all day retreat on Saturday, 18 February from 9AM-5PM.

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  • Film Night

    TO BE OR NOT TO BE Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch (1942) (99 minutes) About the Film: This Oscar-nominated film is a complex story that contains as much dark material […]

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  • Bible+ Club in February

    The Consolation of Philosophy–Boethius was the smartest person in 5th century Rome, the leading expert on Aristotle and Plato, a walking encyclopaedia of Roman literature, and a writer of […]

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