Bible+ Club

March Programme

Church Health

Host: Dr. David Nolland

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gábor Lassu

Church Health is not advanced church management! Traditions, finances, programs, personalities and events can each be a controlling force in a church. However, in order for us to grow, we must be a healthy church, and we must build our future around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus: worship, ministry, discipleship, evangelism and fellowship. As we shift our focus away from programs, performance and from a business managing attitude to emphasizing a people-building process, God will build His church. If our church is healthy, as a living organism, it will grow naturally. Therefore, the real question for us is this: what role do we as individuals play to ensure that VCC is a healthy church?

When: 6 March 2017

Where: The VCC Meeting Point

Light refreshments are served! You are welcome to bring something to share. You are welcome to invite others to participate.