• Sixth Sunday in Easter

    We hope to be able to welcome you in Christian fellowship, either in person or online! Scripture Readings for this week JOIN THE 17 MAY SUNDAY SERVICE VIA […]

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  • Fourth Sunday of Easter

    Each Sunday, you will find opportunities to worship individually, with your family, or with small groups. Although we are physically separated from one another, we are united in […]

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  • Maundy Thursday 2020

    Some people call it Holy Thursday, others as Maundy Thursday. But what does the “Maundy” in “Maundy Thursday” mean? It’s certainly not a commonly-used word or something you’re […]

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    VCC 60th ANNIVERSARY 1.   HOMECOMING SUNDAY, September 17th. 2.   REFORMATION DAY – Das große Fest am Rathausplatz in Wien: 30. September 2017 3.   OUTREACH SUNDAY,  1 […]

  • Bible+ Club in May

    May Programme – Phychotherapy and Faith Host: Dr. David Nolland Guest Speaker: Dr. Doris Möhsl Doris is a practising psychotherapist with many years’ experience as a coach and counsellor. Before […]

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  • Bible+ Club

    MARCH PROGRAMME The Beatitudes – Count Our Blessings Host: Dr. David Nolland Jesus makes the radical, counterintuitive suggestion that the true possessors of happiness are the poor and […]

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  • Bible+ Club

    March Programme Church Health Host: Dr. David Nolland Guest Speaker: Dr. Gábor Lassu Church Health is not advanced church management! Traditions, finances, programs, personalities and events can each be a controlling […]

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  • Film Night

    TO BE OR NOT TO BE Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch (1942) (99 minutes) About the Film: This Oscar-nominated film is a complex story that contains as much dark material […]

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  • Bible+ Club in February

    The Consolation of Philosophy–Boethius was the smartest person in 5th century Rome, the leading expert on Aristotle and Plato, a walking encyclopaedia of Roman literature, and a writer of […]

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