Bible+ Club in May

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May Programme – Phychotherapy and Faith

Host: Dr. David Nolland

Guest Speaker: Dr. Doris Möhsl

Doris is a practising psychotherapist with many years’ experience as a coach and counsellor. Before that she worked at her family’s hotel and all over the world as a tour guide.

Doris will give us a description of the three Viennese schools of psychology, and tell us about her own specialism, which is existential analysis, associated with the third of these schools. Its founder, Viktor Frankl, was interested in the exploration of “man’s search for meaning”, one of the motivations for which was associated for him mainly with belief in God. She will also tell us a little about how Austrian therapists officially “work” with religion.

Because of the 1 May holiday, May’s Bible+ will be held on Tuesday, 2 May.

Photo: Courtesy of Doris Möhsl 


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