How Drops of Water make an Ocean


Many VCC members contributed to the Baby Matthew cause, an infant orphaned and being cared for by his grandmother. Souwanit paid a visit to Thailand to personally present to Baby Matthew’s grandmother the funds that she collected . Below is her thank you to the VCC congregation:

My Dear Friends,

Finally we have photos of Baby Mathew. Sorry that my ‘private photographer’ (my daughter) was sick after the trip from Thailand. But here we are. Baby Mathew has grown to be quite a strong and healthy boy and you can see how he flirted with the camera. He is a happy and good boy. He sends you all Kob Khun Maak Krab (Thank you very much). Toi and Mumu (his sister) also send their ‘ thank you very much ‘through the photos. They were so happy and thankful for the sum we took directly down to them. I am also so thankful to all of my friends who believed and supported this ‘Mini Project’. At least we could give two children some security for a moment. Little drops of water did make the ocean indeed. All in all we received 2,430 Euro, which is a huge amount of money, especially when it is converted into Thai Baht. As Toi said,’I have never seen this much money in my life’. And she was so grateful. She sent her curry puffs which I hand carried and served during the VCC fellowship time on 21 February and hope many of you enjoyed them.

May our Lord shower His blessings upon you and your families.



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