VCC capital funding started since November 2015 and as was reported before, we received the overwhelming donations from some members of VCC in the first quarter from November 2015 to January 2016. In the second quarter from February to April 2016, however, VCC received Euro 570 that is much lower than we had wished. (February – Euro100, March – Euro400, April – Euro70).  Please find attached the Table below for your reference.

Table: VCC capital funding collection report Euro

Period Target Actual collection Promotion Activities
Nov15-Jan16 3,825 4,496 Kick-off event, 11/10/15
Feb – April16 3,825   570 Video documentary – Ethiopia
May-July 16 3,825 All of VCC activities
Aug – Oct 16 3,825
Annual Total 15,300

S&F committee would like to initiate various kinds of promotional strategies to achieve our target collection from VCC members.

  1. Regular offering of Euro18 monthly (This is the original target for the capital funding but has not been so successful.)
  2. Capital offering – We request donation from accumulated savings, stock earnings, inheritance, etc. when you have had extra income from those financial sources.
  3. Estate offering – We are immortal and all the assets we own were given by God. We might return some portion of them to God. We request you to consider giving your will to VCC.
  4. Capital Funding Donation Box – We have agreed in the last VCC Board meeting that all the “special” activities in the Meeting Point and VCC hosted activities elsewhere should be regarded as part of the capital funding appeal. We leave a donation box at the site of the activities such as VCC hosted concerts, lecture sessions, special dinners or any other special occasions in the church as well as our Meeting Point to collect donation for the capital funding.

Last Sunday, we found the Capital Funding Donation Box at David Corcoran‘s solo recital site as the first opportunity to collect donation and received Euro301.20. We thank David for his understanding of our fund raising initiative and also thank all the audience of the successful recital for their generous donation. The recital was held as part of the Rothgeb Memorial Award programme, which was initiated by Anne Rothgeb-Peschek as part of VCC’s 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Masa Matsushita, S&F Committee Chair


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