June 18 2015 – Announcements



The first poll has closed. Many people had comments regarding the name, including some suggestions. One of the threads is that the new name should not sound secular. As stated in a previous email, the VCC logo with the dove will appear on the sign, along with the new name, so it will be clear that it belongs to the Vienna Community Church.  There is no name that was chosen by an overwhelming majority of those participating in the survey.
The most Chosen names from the survey are as follows:
  • VCC Meeting Point – Bridge to Peace
  • VCC Uptown – Connecting People
  • VCC Spiritual & Cultural Centre – Connecting People
  • VCC on the Canal – Connecting Community
  • VCC Uptown – Connecting People
  • VCC Miracle Place – Nothing is Impossible

Attached is a link to whittle the choices down and I have also included new name suggestions that reflect the Spirit of the comments from the 1st Poll. In summary, you will be choosing 10 preferred names. If there is a balanced preference for certain names, we will take a final poll.

The Closing date for the 2nd Poll will be Friday, 26 June at 11:45pm/23:45! 


If you would like to organise a meeting or fellowshop event in our new space for a one off or a regular event, or rent it for a personal event, please let me know. During the upcoming weeks, a procedure for scheduling and/or renting the meeting space will be put into place. But, for right now, please write to me on: property@viennacommunitychurch.com
Mickela Moore, Property Chair


That there are 94 branded VCC products on the VCC Spreadshirt website for WomenMenChildren & Babies, as well as, Accessories, such as cups, bags, key chains, Kindle and Smartphone covers, and much more. All purchases are secure and EVERY purchase will benefit the VCC!
You can enter the site by clicking on VCC Spreadshirt link on the VCC Homepage or directly on this link:
Please send your feedback to: webshop@viennacommunitychurch.com

Mickela Moore, Acting Publicity Chair


Souvanait Sonnbichler continues to recover from her broken leg. Please keep her in your prayers. We would also like to keep Bill Price in our prayers. Bill has been a member of the VCC for over 40 years and is suffering from dementia.
If you know of anyone who is ill or if you would like us to pray for you, a loved one, or anyone else for whom you would like a prayer to be said, please send your requests to Worship Chair, Sonja Botha: worship@viennacommunitychurch.com
The VCC Board wishes all those with June birthdays, graduations and other significant events taking place this month many happy returns and/or congratulations!


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