Ladies’ Luncheon

Vera Saunders is the Hostess for the next Ladies’ Luncheon, which will be held at the Griechisches Restaurant Athene is in the 19th district, Grinzingerstrasse 71/73.  The Greek food is served in large portions and the food is delicious and at affordable prices.  The following dishes listed in their current menu of the day are as follows:  Moussaka served with potatoes, onions and tomatoes topped with a crispy Bechamel sauce (€7.50).  Also Gyros Spezial – pork strips with cheese in Metaxasauce (€8.50).  Their menu of the day consists of soup, a main course and a salad.  They also recommend No. 17 — pancakes filled with spinach, which is not on their menu of the day.  This costs €7.50.  In addition, they have vegetarian dishes. Weather permitting, we’ll sit in their lovely garden.
Do join us as this restaurant is truly a delight.
Reservation deadline is Wednesday, May 27th. RSVP to or +43 1 71 43 805
All roads lead to Athens!  However, the simplest route is to take the U4 to Heiligenstadt.  Then the 38a bus to Neugebauerweg (4th stop).  Another way is by the D tram.  Get off where it crosses with the 38a in the Grinzing direction.


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