Ladies’ Luncheon

What: VCC Ladies Monthly Luncheon

When: Friday, April 24th at 12:30 p.m.

Where: Ottakringer Landhaus, Albrechtskreithgasse 38, 1160 Vienna


Our April luncheon  will be hosted by Vera Saunders. Ottakringer Landhaus is a former “Heuriger” and now a delightful restaurant with a garden serving a variety of Austrian dishes.  Highly recommend by Vera are their traditional beef dish and the heavenly dessert, Mohr im Hemd, a must for those who love chocolate.  Their Friday menu of the day (€8.50) consists of soup followed by fish and salad.  They also have organic dishes.

HOW TO GET THERE:  Take the 43 tram to Hernals.  Then it’s a 3 minute walk.  Go left under the arch (Hernalser Haupstrasse) to Heigerleinst.  Walk up and then take the 2nd left to Paletzgasse and then right to Seitenberggasse.  Walk up.  Turn left to Albrechtskreithgasse 38.

Coming from Westbahnhof, the U6 doesn’t stop at Alserstrasse station due to reconstruction.  Therefore, go to next station and return to Alser on the other track.  Then change to the 43 Tram.

An alternative route is by S45 Schnellbahn to Hernals.

PLEASE REGISTER no later than April 21st!

Let’s hope for good weather to enjoy their garden!


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