Ladies’ Luncheon

Our February Luncheon date is set for Friday, 26 February, and will be hosted by Colleen Schiessl.  Her contact mail is: The name of the restaurant is Cenaro and the address is Guglgasse 7-9, 1030    Vienna. Directions: Take the U3 to Gasometer and come up the only exit.  Guglgasse is to the left of the Gasometer (no need to go inside the Gasometer) and the restaurant is on the left hand side of the road, diagonally across from    Gasometer A.  A zebra crossing is right there at the restaurant. Description: There is a choice of three daily menus ranging between 6,30 and 6,80 Euro for one course, and also a la carte. I’ll book a table as soon as I have an idea of how many ladies want to participate. Please contact: for more information Or Nita Schimscha at:  or 0680 2120 896