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“Our luncheon for October will be hosted by Souwanit Sonnbichler at Kai’s Asian Food, Burggasse 123.
Souwanit suggests that we meet as early as 11.45 am, so as to get there whilst the food is at it’s freshest as this is a buffet meal.  Souwanit will be there waiting to welcome you all.  Only instructions for getting there is that the U6 stop Burggasse is the nearest.  Please check with your map before setting out on your journey.
My request: please register with me either by ‘phone 0680 2120 896 oremail (see above) so that we may reserve a table accordingly.  Registration will stop on Thursday morning Noon time (12.00) October 27.  After that there is no guarantee that a place will be available.  Those who register obviously have first choice.  Understandable I hope to every one.
If you need help with directions please call me by ‘phone.
There will be one more luncheon (November 25 which will be hosted by Nancy) before we meet again in January of the new year.
Nita Schimscha


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