Photo Exhibition at VCC Meeting Point

“Travelled Pictures of the Senses”

Gerald Waitusch will be exhibiting his travel photos at the VCC Meeting Point from Friday, 13 November to Sunday, 22 November.

He says of his exhibition:

“The pictures do not want to bias or manipulate the spectator but rather offer a universal background which invites the visitor to use his or her imagination and senses in order to find an interpretation of their own.” explains Gerald Waitusch and continues to say  ….. “ the country, the persons, even the objects are somehow  isolated from their geographical environment and time context and are then elevated to a symbolic and metaphorical level of general significance by means of the photographical process. The objective of this is to capture the myth, the eternal and  allegorical quality behind the volatile moment.”

Come to the Opening/Vernissage on Friday, 12 November from 18-23:00 Uhr. On all other days, the exhibition can be seen as follows: Mon-Fri. : 4 pm – 9pm / Sat: 10 a.m-6 pm /Sun: 11am – 5 pm)


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