Project Centipede Collects for Children in Romania


The VCC has supported Project Centipede (Projekt Tausendfüssler) for many years. Project Centipede, a registered Austrian charity, was founded on 3 March 1990 in Vienna to aid Romanian orphans. Over 400 children in Romania benefit from the donations of banana boxes filled with food and hygiene articles, school supplies, clothing and shoes, as well as the provision of fresh milk to the orphanage children.

Two trips per year are made to deliver these boxes to the the Sânmartin/Csikszenmárton orphanage, four elementary schools in Mercurea Ciuc/Csikszereda, and a school for mentally handicapped children and youth in Olteni/Oltszem.

Please help us to continue our support of these children, as it is only possible with the support of individuals, churches and other groups who are interested in the welfare of children.

The next Project Centipede trip to Romania will be on 4 November, and we invite you to join us to give the children your love, as well as the gifts we have for them.

We are collecting the following for the November trip:

The “Banana box” contents for an orphan child should include:


1 kg rice

2 kg pasta

1 kg soup pasta

1 kg semolina

1L cooking oil

250 gm baking cocoa

400g drinking choc.


1 child’s toothbrush

1 child’s toothpaste

1 pkg cotton

1 pkg cotton swabs

5 boxes bouillon cubes 1 pkg unfilled cookies

2 large cans fruit

1 baby oil or cream

1 child’s shampoo

5 pkg wafer cookies

2 kg sugar

1 container jam

5 bars chocolate

1 sack gummibears

1 box sponge fingers

5 bars mild soap

2-2.5 kg detergent

We can pick up your donations at the VCC at latest Sunday, 18 October 2015 following the Service. For any questions, please contact Louise & Heinz at:  0664 761 1546 or  If you would like to join our Team for this trip, please let us know.


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