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Art Nouveau Tour – Part II

Viennese Art Nouveau beyond the Ringstrasse


Sunday, 30 August 2015


My next tour will take you to other Viennese Art Nouveau buildings. Come and admire in a 60 minute walk some of the best examples of this beautiful architectural style of the time around 1900.

Start and Journey: At 1:45 p.m. we “fast track” from VCC, Dorotheergasse 16 (courtyard), to the outstanding Secession building, the magnificent French embassy and finally to the exceptional Vienna River Portal (Johannesgasse) .

Late lunch (optional) at the nearby typical Viennese Restaurant “Herlitschka“ with “Schanigarten“ (Salesianergasse 4-6/Traungasse 1, 1010 Vienna, tel. 713 43 81)

All are welcome. No registration is necessary. This tour is a fundraiser for furnishing the VCC Meeting Point. 

Rainer (mobile: 0699 1 777 00 39)




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