19 March Topping Up the Supplies at the VCC Meeting Point

The VCC Meeting Point is well equipped, but is periodically in need of supplies! Please bring your contribution when you attend the Spring Annual Meeting on 10 April.  You can also donate by designating “VCC MP Supplies on the donation envelope.

Foodstuffs Cleaning Supplies
Coffee Paper towels
Fruit teas Toilet paper
Coffee milk Toilet bowl deodorisers
Sugar cubes Dr. Beckman or Denk mit Ceramic top cleaner/Glaskeramik Putzstein or Reiniger
Mineral water (carbonated) Air freshener
Cases and or bottles of white & red wine
Swifter or equivalent moist floor cleaning towels (Feucht Bodentücher)
Donation Requests: Flipchart; Large ceramic or glass teapot with filter; tea egg