Report from the Stewardship and Finance (S&F) Committee


Since the VCC held its first fellowship at our new property, the Meeting Point on 31May 2015, our new space has been hosting so many VCC activities such as Board and Committee meetings for VCC management and programme development, the Young Adults group activities, VCC choir group practice, and various fellowship gatherings. Now the Meeting Point has been well established as the core venue of our communication and decision making and fellowship activities.

While the VCC congregation is benefiting greatly from our own common space, we are required to fulfill our obligation for this property. On 11 October 2015, the S&F Committee organized the kick-off meeting of the capital funding appeal at the Meeting Point. In the presentation Table 1 was introduced and the capital funding and repayment schedule of VCC loans were appealed to the congregation.

Against the total amount of loans, Euro 153,000, we have made an ambitious repayment schedule within 5 years. There are three different repayment sources from 1) VCC congregation, 2) two individual VCC members generously loaned Euro36,000 and guaranteed the matching fund up to Euro30,000, (This means that if VCC congregation donates Euro 30,000, the two VCC members will cancel out their loan to VCC by Euro 30,000.), and 3) American and Foreign Christian Union (AFCU) pledged to donate Euro10,000 annually.

Table 1. The capital funding and repayment schedule of VCC loans


The S&F Committee is pleased to report that since the kick-off meeting took place last October, we have been receiving generous donation for the capital funding. Table 2 shows that in the first quarter from November 2015 to January 2016, we received Euro 4,496 more than the targeted amount. A number of congregations have pledged their donation one year or two year period. We have been receiving the designated donations for the capital funding in the form of monthly bank transfers as well as weekly Sunday service.

The S&F Committee continues the capital funding appeal and organizes a special event and gathering. On 9 March at 6:30 pm, we shall host a video documentary on Ethiopia presented by Nicole and Tony Wrixon at the Meeting Point.

March Voice-S&F Table










Table 2. VCC capital funding collection report


Period Target Actual collection Promotion Activities
Nov15-Jan16 3,825 4,496 Kick-off event, 11/10/15
Feb – April16 3,825   Video documentary on  Ethiopia, 9/3/16
May-July 16 3,825    
Aug – Oct 16 3,825    
Annual Total 15,300    



VCC Board members of AFCU have been tirelessly working for contacting old VCC members in the North America and requesting them a generous offer for our capital funding appeal. Apparently, they have already collected their pledged amount for the entire year.

Those who can kindly offer your donation to the VCC Capital Funding Appeal are requested to contact one of the following board members and mail addresses:

Ronan Le Bras, Treasurer,

Mickela Moore, Property and Publicity,

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