2016 Rothgeb Memorial Award

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David Corcoran

The Rothgeb Memorial Grant was established by Anne Peschek in 1987 as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of the founding of The Vienna Community Church. The Grant recognises outstanding musical contributions that support VCC’s long standing reputation for the high quality of its music program, and enables a study project for the selected VCC musicians. To-date, thirty six musicians have received this award, including Martin Horn, a former VCC organist, and Prentiss Dunn, VCC’s current Choir Master, and Thomasz Piḝtak,  VCC’s current organist. Although our music budget is very limited, we have had a long list of outstanding musicians who have contributed their time and talents to our church. This grant is one way of showing gratitude for those who have brought beauty to the VCC worship services. Anne will present this year’s 2016 Memorial Grant to David Corcoran, a VCC choir member and frequent soloist, at our Palm Sunday service on 20 March 2016.

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